Sunday, August 17, 2008

La sindrome di inite

INITE is an infectious illness that spreads among young women through the act of sharing experiences and feelings. It develops through three separate steps:

1st phase: Ecstasy

In the beginning you may experience a strong emotional status that will highly involve all your senses and make you believe to be in, what is so mistakenly called, LOVE. This period will last several months, varying from case to case. Usually it will involve a man that comes from another part of the world that will seem to be the answer of all your desires. Inite will make you believe you have found the true love.

2nd phase: Avatar

After the initial period of ecstasy, due to some strange unexpected and irrefutable reason (or simply for a visa problem) one of the two lovers has to go away. Normally it will be an oceanic distance that will divide the two, but it has been noticed also an other side of the planet case. Anyway this distance seems to confer a romantic aurea to the story. Deceived by this romantic imagery, Inite’s victim will act in the only direction her eyes can see…go back to him.

During the avatar phase the story is carried on through a cybernetic communication in which the two lovers design a possible future when they will meet and start a real physical relationship. Inite uses all the possible tools the era in which she wants to act. The victim continues being affected through virtual cyber spaces of communications, invisible telephone lines, letters, emails and not only. It uses any possible way to increase the desire of its victims for the loved man to some point no other man will ever be capable of fulfilling this desire, unless the victim is healed.

3rd phase: Cut

The executor’s insensitivity and the delusion of all the expectations created during phase 2, bring to the final cut. The cutting of that wire -the only strong connection between the distant lovers- is cruel, painful and above all unilateral. The dreaming victim can do nothing but watch the destruction of her dreams, an event in which she has no voice. All the promises are denied and the protagonist of her love story suddenly became her killer, a messenger chosen by Inite. The improvise cut is executed with such a cruel spontaneity that its victim will be shocked for a indefinite while (we have not enough dates to clarify how long this while will last)

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